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We Are Sugar Bud Farms

Marijuana Dispensary in Maine Offering All-Natural Remedies

Sugar Bud Farms Marijuana Dispensary in Maine provides the highest quality, all-natural remedies that help manage pain, sleep, depression, and anxiety. We offer a broad selection of cannabis products at prices that are accessible to almost anyone. A seed-to-sale operation, Sugar Bud Farms Maine offers three grades of cannabis flower – Indica, Sativa, and Hybrids.

How Are We Different?

Sugar Bud Farms is a family!  We may be a crazy family, but we treat all of our customers as one of us and our passion and determination is to deliver the VERY BEST experience to our customers. We have 3 Master Growers who offer our plants all the love, care and expertise they possess.  2 Masters of the Mystical Art of Bud serve customers and answer any questions they have. Not to leave anyone out, we also have a top-notch trimmer team with eyes like hawks!

Our friendly staff also serve as guinea pigs for all new products we test for sale in the store so they can each truly explain the feel/flavor/effects. If you have “Superman tolerance” for THC, ask for Zack “The Ripper” Hobbs. He’ll makes sure your purchases get you where you want to be!  If you’re a newbie to cannabis or a bit of a light-weight, we can help you make the most of your experience with a microdose day on/day off plan that is a good match to your receptors. No matter what your specific needs are, we will do our best to deliver a stellar experience at the best price around!

Marijuana Dispensary

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Unparalleled cannabis knowledge plus helpful and friendly service

The budtenders at Sugar Bud Farms marijuana dispensary in Maine are some of the most passionate and knowledgeable in the industry and are ready to answer any and all of your cannabis questions to help find the highest quality all-natural remedies that help manage pain, sleep, depression, and anxiety. Visit us at 414 Water St, Gardiner, ME 04345, give us a call 207 624 1711 or order for local delivery on WEED MAPS.



Psychoactive compound that provides pain relief, may reduce aggression, can stimulate appetite, and reduce nausea. Can create feelings of happiness.


Non-psychoactive compounds that offer relief for a wide range of symptoms including pain, anxiety, inflammation, seizures, MS, PTSD…


Pronounced sedative properties aiding in pain relief and insomnia, with little to no psychoactive effects.


Terpenes give cannabis varieties their smell and taste with distinctive flavors and help modify how much THC gets in the bloodstream.

What Our Clients Say

What Is Indica?

Indica is a term often used to describe cannabis strains and products with sedating, relaxing, and strong physical effects. In botanical terms, indica cannabis plants are typically short in stature with broad leaves and shorter growing cycles than their sativa counterparts. Indica strains are well-suited for growth in cooler climates due to their shorter flowering periods. You’ll find some of the best Indica all-natural remedies at Sugar Bud Farms Marijuana Dispensary.

What Is Sativa?

A term often used in the cannabis consumer marketplace to describe a cannabis product with uplifting, cerebral, and energetic effects. Cannabis sativa cultivars feature long, thin fan leaves and tend to have long flowering times. The slender sativa leaf can have as many as 13 fingers. Sativas flourish in warmer climates and can naturally grow up to 12 feet tall in a season.  You’ll find some of the best Sativa all-natural remedies at Sugar Bud Farms Marijuana Dispensary.

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We all want to feel good.  We want to have the energy and clarity of mind to accomplish our goals. But age, injury, and a changing body chemistry may have created obstacles to be our optimal selves. Sugar Bud Farms offers a solution – all-natural remedies that will help you be the best version of yourself. We’re here to help you find the right cannabis product that will help you feel and function your best.

Sugar Bud Farms
414 Water St, Gardiner, ME 04345

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Below are just a few of our favorites. Please visit our shop or visit WEED MAPS for a full menu.


This is a hybrid flower with a mix of 40% Sativa-60% Indica. Real smooth finish with a diesel aroma and with a earthy taste. 22% THC.


Sativa dominant strain exhibiting tangy aromas and flavors coupled with a heady onset and nice body effects. 24% THC.


Offers a soaring high and energetic physical kick. It’s said to mitigate depression, anxiety, chronic pain, fatigue, and nausea. 28% THC.


Our personal hybrid strain is 70% Sativa 30% Indica. Robust earthy, fruity smell with the flavor of O.G. (original gangsta) 24% THC


60% indica/40% sativa strain. Created through crossing the infamous Slurricane X Gorilla Glue #4. Delicious taste and arousing high. 24% THC


350MG Gummy – 2.5oz of rope candy

cherry slices all-natural remedies


340MG Gummies – 5 slices per pack with 70mg per slice

Healer Night


3ML tincture healer drops with relaxation effects

Orange slices all-natural remedies


340MG Gummies – 5 slices per pack with 70mg per slice

ChocoLITBars all-natural remedies


300MG Budda Fingah Chocolate Bar


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